Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Men’s clothes range features pockets that clean phones

WTFJeans have already provided tech lovers with fashion tailored to smartphones. Now VoyVoy has created a range of t-shirts and shirts that feature microfiber linings to help them clean their devices or glasses effectively. The slickly-designed line for men includes a pocket with a contrasting color or pattern that is made out of soft microfiber material – the kind used to make dusting cloths and spectacle cleaners. The range includes a smart button-down shirt suitable for business attire, as well as more casual t-shirt designs. As well as the pocket, the shirts also feature a patch of microfiber material located on the underside of the bottom, allowing for manual cleaning of smartphones, glasses or other items. VoyVoy Tees are available for USD 39 from the company’s online store, but the Summer Oxford shirt – which was retailing for USD 98 – is now sold out. Could this indicate consumer need for more practical yet stylish fashion?

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